"Huntsman's interior "
Here is the kind of dog painting I love.
The light is flooding in by the bow window creating strong contrasted shadows.
Two happy dogs, a cairn and a labrador in a peaceful interior scene.

No doubt!
This is a French huntsman's manor.

Under pledge of secrecy, I could reveal you that he is not the least
but ..hush!

A French hunting horn around a so feminine riding tricorn, heavy hunting boots beside elegant riding boots.. You at once know that the couple shares the same passion.
The two pet dogs, full of life, tells us that something is happening outside of the painting, in the back of the spectator. Who is coming in ?

By the old fashion bow-window, the sun light is flooding in, reflected on the marble stabs with elegant slate cabochons. The decor could have been too cold if the blond oak panelling and this heavy velvet armchair has not been there, so confortable and cosy looking. The curtains adds this indefinable very feminine "je-ne-sais-quoi" that is all the charm of the real Parisian "chic".

interessing details
I loved this (very Brittish looking) introgating eyebraw on the labrador 's head. The painters will appreciate the shades of black under the seat. The dog's belly on a black slate stab, both in a very dark shadow. On the reference photo, you could n't see anything. I invented the details.

The fur of the Cairn had been painted too fine and too clean. When I saw the dog for the second time, I realize that the fur was more pink-grey than white and rather rough. Even if the whole painting was supposed to be finished, I took a big brush and contrasted the fur and combed it roughly.

Underneath, I had a great pleasure to paint this somptuous fabric and the very sophisticated curtain loop, shade on shade though full of relief.
I vote myself the Jury congratulations

Even twice !... have you seen the reflects on the leather boots ?
Who will dare to say that I don't masterize wet watercolour ?
A glance on this very discrete signature engraved in the wood.
Expression of a real modesty!
My next painting, painted in 2006, presents a great sportsman's interior
with a beautiful collection of sporting guns

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